The Best Credit Cards for Every Type of Spender

Want the best credit cards for your spending? This guide highlights top cards for travel rewards, cash back, and more—perfect for your unique needs.

Key Takeaways

  • The article highlights the best credit cards for various categories such as travel rewards, cash back, low interest, balance transfers, business spending, secured credit, and student credit options.

  • Some top choices in travel rewards include the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card, and The Platinum Card® from American Express, each offering unique benefits tailored to frequent travelers.

  • For those interested in cash back, the Citi Double Cash® Card, Wells Fargo Active Cash® Card, and American Express Blue Cash Preferred® Card are recommended for their straightforward cash back structures and competitive rates.


Credit cards aren’t just a means of payment; they’re gateways to a more rewarding way of life. Whether you’re a points and miles enthusiast or someone looking to make the most of your everyday spending, understanding the nuances of credit card rewards can be game-changing.

Designed with both newbies and seasoned cardholders in mind, this guide will navigate you through the maze of options out there, pinpointing the best credit cards across various categories to suit your individual needs. Some of the categories we will cover include:

  • Travel rewards

  • Cash back

  • Low interest

  • Balance transfer

From maximizing travel rewards to earning cash back on daily purchases, we’ll unveil the secrets to making every dollar work harder for you.

Best Overall Credit Card Offers

Illustration of credit cards

The quest for the perfect credit card can be daunting, but some cards rise above the rest with their broad appeal and strong value propositions offered by the card issuer. These all-rounders offer a blend of rewards, sign-up bonuses, and reasonable fees, making them a solid choice for most consumers.

Let’s dive into the crème de la crème of credit cards that deserve a front-row spot in your wallet.

Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

Widely recognized as a must-have for anyone serious about travel rewards, the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card offers the following benefits:

  • Generous sign-up bonus

  • Robust rewards program

  • Earn up to 5X points on travel and dining, including select streaming services and online grocery purchases

It’s a true feast of points for the taking.

Not to mention, the card’s $95 annual fee is easily offset by the value of rewards and benefits, including complimentary DashPass access, making it a wallet essential for the savvy traveler.

Citi Double Cash® Card

For those who appreciate simplicity and efficiency, the Citi Double Cash® Card stands out with its no-nonsense approach to cash back. A flat 2% cash back on all purchases – half when you buy and half as you pay – without the hassle of tracking rotating categories or paying an annual fee.

This card is a workhorse, rewarding you for the spending you’re already doing and making it a standout choice for straightforward savings.

American Express Blue Cash Preferred® Card

If your spending leans heavily towards supermarkets and gas stations, the American Express Blue Cash Preferred® Card could be your ticket to high cash back rates in those bonus categories, while still offering rewards for other purchases.

Key features of the card include:

  • $250 statement credit after meeting the spending requirements

  • Annual fee of $95 after the first year

  • Great for families and foodies looking to maximize their return on everyday expenses

Best Credit Cards for Travel Rewards

Illustration of travel rewards

For the nomadic souls and business travelers, a credit card that unlocks the world while offering sky-high rewards is non-negotiable. Travel rewards cards come with a suite of benefits that cater to your wanderlust, elevating every step of your journey from earning bonus miles to enjoying luxurious lounge access.

Let’s jet-set into the realm of travel rewards cards that offer more than just miles.

Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

The Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card is a beacon of versatility in the travel card landscape. With a generous welcome offer and a steady 2 miles per dollar on every purchase, this card is a match for globetrotters looking for uncomplicated rewards and no foreign transaction fees.

The freedom to redeem miles on any travel purchase adds to its allure, ensuring that every journey you take is a step towards your next adventure.

Chase Sapphire Reserve®

Reserved for the elite traveler, the Chase Sapphire Reserve® is the epitome of travel luxury. With a suite of premium benefits, including a $300 annual travel credit and 3X points on travel and dining, this card is a passport to unparalleled experiences.

Points that stretch 50% further when redeemed for travel through Chase solidify its status as a high-end travel companion.

The Platinum Card® from American Express

The Platinum Card® from American Express is synonymous with opulence and exclusivity. With its comprehensive airport lounge access and a high rewards rate on eligible travel purchases, this card is designed for the discerning traveler who values comfort and convenience above all.

The luxury of extensive travel benefits and credits justifies its place in the wallets of those who live and breathe travel.

Best Credit Cards for Cash Back

Cash back rewards illustration

In a world where every penny counts, cash back cards are the unsung heroes of the credit card universe. Offering a tangible return on your daily transactions, these cards are perfect for the spender who delights in seeing their savings stack up. Whether it’s groceries, dining, or a mix of all your spending, there’s a cash back card that aligns with your purchasing pattern.

Wells Fargo Active Cash® Card

The Wells Fargo Active Cash® Card offers:

  • Unlimited 2% cash rewards rate on all purchases

  • No annual fee

  • Welcome offer

  • Introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers

This card is a prime pick for those who value straightforward cash back and is a competitive choice in the cash back category.

Discover it® Cash Back

The Discover it® Cash Back card is a chameleon, adapting to your spending with its 5% cash back in rotating categories that you activate. Coupled with Discover’s signature cash-back match in the first year and no annual fee, this card is a game-changer for those who are strategic about their spending and enjoy maximizing their rewards.

Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express

For everyday spending turned into everyday earning, the Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express is a compelling choice. With elevated cash back at U.S. supermarkets and gas stations, this card is a perfect fit for the domestic spender. Its rewards structure and no annual fee make it an easy choice for those looking to earn on the essentials.

Best Business Credit Cards

Business credit cards illustration

Business owners know that every expense matters, and a business credit card that rewards spending can be a powerful tool for managing cash flow and expenses. The best business credit cards offer a slate of features tailored for the entrepreneur’s ever-evolving needs, including:

  • Sign-up bonuses

  • Cash back on business purchases

  • Travel rewards

  • Expense tracking tools

  • Employee card options

These features can help business owners maximize their rewards and streamline their financial management.

Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card

The Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card offers the following benefits for business owners:

  • Hefty sign-up bonus

  • Rewards program that benefits the bottom line

  • Points earned on travel, shipping, and advertising

  • Ideal for businesses with diverse spending that can take advantage of its category bonuses

American Express Blue Business Cash™ Card

The American Express Blue Business Cash™ Card takes the guesswork out of rewards with its straightforward 2% cash back on eligible purchases. For small businesses that value simplicity and consistent rewards, this card checks all the boxes, especially with its $50,000 annual cap on cash back earnings.

Capital One Spark Cash for Business

Entrepreneurs seeking simplicity and a solid return on all business expenditures will find a match in the Capital One Spark Cash for Business. With unlimited 2% cash back and a sizeable sign-up bonus, this card is a straightforward choice for any business, ensuring every purchase works as hard as you do.

Best Credit Cards for Balance Transfers

Balance transfer concept illustration

Escaping the clutches of high-interest credit card debt is easier with a balance transfer credit card. Offering 0% intro APR periods, these cards are a lifeline for consolidating debt and saving on interest.

With strategic planning, balance transfer credit cards can provide much-needed breathing room as you work towards financial freedom, especially when utilizing qualifying balance transfers.

Citi Simplicity® Card

The Citi Simplicity® Card is a sanctuary for those seeking relief from interest and fees. Its lengthy 0% intro APR period on balance transfers and purchases, paired with no late fees or penalty APR, provides a worry-free environment for managing existing debt.

Chase Slate Edge℠

The Chase Slate Edge℠ is a balance transfer ally, offering an 18-month 0% intro APR period, no annual fee, and an intro balance transfer fee. Its features are designed to aid in debt reduction, providing a window of opportunity to pay down balances without the burden of accumulating interest.

BankAmericard® Credit Card

The BankAmericard® Credit Card offers:

  • A balance transfer solution with a 0% intro APR for 18 billing cycles on transfers made within 60 days of account opening

  • No annual fee

  • A focus on simplicity

This card is a solid option for those looking to streamline their finances and reduce debt.

Best Secured Credit Cards

Building or rebuilding credit is a journey, and secured credit cards are the trusty companions along the way. By requiring a refundable security deposit, these cards provide a path to creditworthiness while reporting to the major credit bureaus, laying the foundation for a solid credit future.

Discover it® Secured Credit Card

The Discover it® Secured Credit Card offers the following benefits:

  • Cash back rewards

  • A clear path to an unsecured card

  • Automatic reviews for upgrading

  • No annual fee

This card is a stepping stone to a brighter financial future.

Capital One Platinum Secured Credit Card

The Capital One Platinum Secured Credit Card is a testament to accessibility, with a low minimum security deposit and automatic credit line increases. For those committed to building credit, this card’s features and no annual fee make it an attractive and manageable option.

Citi® Secured Mastercard®

The Citi® Secured Mastercard® is a credit-building tool that doesn’t require a stellar credit history to get started. With a low minimum security deposit and no annual fee, it’s an ideal card for individuals taking their first steps toward establishing credit.

Best Credit Cards for Students

For students embarking on their financial journey, a student credit card can serve as both a learning tool and a means to start building credit. Some benefits of student credit cards include:

  • Cash back rewards

  • No annual fees

  • Tailored to encourage financial responsibility

  • Reward smart spending habits

Discover it® Student Cash Back

The Discover it® Student Cash Back card empowers students with rotating 5% cash back categories and a first-year cash back match, all without an annual fee. It’s an educational opportunity to learn about maximizing rewards while building a credit history.

Journey® Student Rewards from Capital One

The Journey® Student Rewards from Capital One reinforces good habits by offering extra cash back for on-time payments. With 1% cash back on all purchases and no annual or foreign transaction fees, it’s a simple yet effective card for students.

Deserve® EDU Mastercard for Students

The Deserve® EDU Mastercard for Students is a gateway to credit for students with no credit history. Offering 1% cash back on all purchases and an Amazon Prime Student subscription reimbursement, it’s a card that understands student needs and rewards them accordingly.


Navigating the world of credit cards can be as complex as it is rewarding. Armed with the insights from this guide, you’re now equipped to select a credit card that not only fits your spending habits but also opens the door to a world of benefits. Remember, the best credit card is the one that aligns with your financial goals and lifestyle, whether it’s earning travel rewards, getting cash back on everyday purchases, managing business expenses, transferring balances, or building credit. Choose wisely, spend responsibly, and let your credit card work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card a good choice for travel rewards?

The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card is a great choice for travel rewards because of its generous sign-up bonus, high earning potential on travel and dining purchases, and additional benefits like complimentary DashPass access. Points can be redeemed for travel through Chase Travel, providing significant value for frequent travelers.

Can the Citi Double Cash® Card's cash back be used for travel?

Yes, you can use the cash back earned with the Citi Double Cash® Card for travel expenses or any other purchases, giving you flexibility with your rewards.

Is there a business credit card that offers both high rewards and a large sign-up bonus?

Yes, the Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card offers both a substantial sign-up bonus and a rewarding rewards program, making it an excellent choice for business owners seeking a comprehensive credit card option.

Are secured credit cards a good option for someone with bad credit?

Yes, secured credit cards are a good option for someone with bad credit because they can help build or rebuild credit scores by requiring a refundable security deposit and reporting to major credit bureaus. This can pave the way to improved credit health.

What features should a student look for in their first credit card?

When choosing their first credit card, students should prioritize ones with no annual fee, rewards or cash back on purchases, educational resources on credit building, and tools like automatic account alerts for effective financial management. Cards such as Discover it® Student Cash Back and Journey® Student Rewards from Capital One provide these features.

The Best Credit Cards for Every Type of Spender